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Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma - Ascension speeds up dated 19.03.2014

Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma - Ascension speeds up dated 19.03.2014

Archangel Michael

Greetings to all of you – this is Archangel Michael speaking.

Today I am submitting another new message to you.

Again another week has passed by and it is time to show you in which direction you have to turn to  – demonstrating everything new that has arisen into your reality and demonstrating how matters have developed in the meantime too.

As you know the merging of Twinflames has been effected recently. Do I have to tell you extraordinarily that this has been a full success ? Success because so much energy has been created thereby – energy, necessary to further ever more that very portal which is urgently needed to convey energies ‘en masse’ towards Earth and human mankind here.

Merger of the Twinflames will soon nearing its end now – i.e. all Twinflames will have concluded their particular merging in due course. And thus it will be the final conclusion of this most essential phase of ascension. This has been and still is another milestone of some vital essence in the procedure of ascension.

Now you will ask yourselves naturally : ….and how will all this go on now? And my response is : yes – it goes without saying … it is going on !

Step by step we shall proceed towards ascension!

Step by step more and more humans will eventually wake up accordingly!

Step by step human mankind will become aware that living together in the way as it is being done today  simply does not have any future furthermore.

This your future has to be altered and re-structured !

This kind of future will be of another nature namely to spread hope among mankind ! It will consist of such qualities that make all of you forget wars, suffrance, hunger and last not least money !

Please, comprehend all my phrases here – all these words entailing so much power !
It is this power of changing matters and situations completely, power to turn everything to the better and more beautiful here !

Power to make mankind happy !

And this kind of power is entirely in your very own hands !

It is not upon us to realize all that is mentioned above here -  it is upon you  -as  you are the very ones  which will have to do it!

You are the ones – solely – to have the might and ability to bring about such kinds of change !
Concerning us in such case – we only may be able to assist you in such process. We may accompany you and stand at your side in order that you will be able to decide upon your procedures in the right way.

Yet all the doing and handling arising issues pertaining to such process are and will remain with and upon you – the human people on planet Earth!
There are still people here on earth nourishing a sort of feeling that up there beyond earth some Archangels or someone of the Ascended Masters or anyone else extraterrestrial will descend and effect ascension for you instead of you.

No, this truly is not so and wil never be in such a way !
You all know about the universal laws forbidding us any interference.
We are allowed to accompany you as guides – this is all we may do – yet dealing actively and handling everything actually is always been left to you !

I know that I am repeating myself but that I have to do since there are still human people having not achieved some full comprehension of aove facts !
Please, wake up finally now and understand that you are the very ones to induce all that change!
For it is only you being able to effect such result ! This has to become quite clear to all of you and proceeding forward may only be done by all our mutual collaboration!

What will come next ? – that is your question now.
Yes, it is NESARA ! And I shall not go deeper into this subject since it is the particular issue of the Ascended Master St. Germain. Yet it is one of the “key-elements” with which everything will start up. As it will bring about all this change ! And again, it does not concern us, being Ascended Masters nor Archangels – no – it concerns all of you human people to bring about and induce all changes here !

It is you – solely human mankind – all of you – which are capable to produce such effects so that these will finally arrive at your end.

And what is coming afterwards NESARA when this has been effected actually ? Well, here I am being permitted to report on such future happenings since such ongoings have nothing to do with NESARA as such !
Just imagine: everything has being crushed on the ground and is in some sort of overwhelming chaos – without any sort of functioning any longer – yes, would you believe how this may be able to go on ? What else has to be done in order to build up again some new and good sort of society from scratch?

Yes, perhaps now you make a short break and stop this audio-message for a while ?
You will aknowledge – after some minutes of pondering about it – that this will not turn out to be an esy and simple process!
To build something up from its very start – structuring everything anew – with all elements needed that Mankind on earth may live together in peace – no, it is not simple and easy at all – this is some sort of a very huge challenge!

You will know about all fictive strategical games on earth. There are so many wonderful PC-simulations where towns are being built up, some small villages or else. Yes, this is the sort of games to be played with and to gather experience accordingly. And already with such little games you notice how complex it is to build up some community, some village or town with all necessities of life therein. Yes, please think about it what is really necessary – which kind of people are needed in such communities and which are the imperative qualifications and qualities of the population therein. There will be a mass of elements needed and when considering the entire project you eventually will arrive at the opinion that this will turn out as some project with wide scopes.

Such is the size of it that it has to be accompanied and guided by many people.
Human people have to learn to lay their hands on issues to be tackled by themselves – not for the sake of solely eachone’s individual profit but for all of it in the community – this is the very key-element to all happiness, my beloved humans.

It is the only one method to build up mutually some new society and community – which is in mutual collaboration and co-operation. You may do away with all individualism – forgettaboutit ! It will never work out if you are working solely for yourself ! It cannot work out – since then it is the time when some new kind of energy will be reigning and as such one – old methods of handling issues for the very personal profit and success of some single ones will not be in existence any longer.

It is solely by mutual work in collaboration that everything may be built up – altered – and be structured in such ways that  all will be led to some golden future – of such sort that it may offer everything to all of you. Be it educational or foodstuffs, be it entertainment, matters that you enjoy deeply, or love. Well, there are so many more aspects of it being necessary in order to render humans happy in their lives.

Yea, you will know about this pyramide titled the “Maslow-Pyramide” showing all elements needed to render happiness to all human people – needed by each human being in order to become a happy, content, creative and a loving one too. If all such basics are being provided human people will be able to become happy beings. Do you comprehend what I mean ?  Here again it will be left to you solely since you are the very basic foundation of all necessities to re-build up again everything so that you may go on living happily ever after in a new kind of human community.

Arriving now at the last topic today of my message here. Now, did we talk with you about society ? This we did indeed – some kind of society to be raised up right from starting points and there is many more in it : buildings, structures, rail – and traffic-ways, roads of conveyance and for transport… all these means are being urgently needed in order some society could function in a most smoothing way.

Today all of you are being freed from any uncomfortable inconvenience by social elements assisting you with recovery of waste and trash – including water-mains and canalisation and recycling of it. or be it the production of foodstuffs. All these are services needed for a well-functioning society.

Such are the next subsequent aspects which you have to cope with. And all of these will ask for full commitment from eachone of you – commitment for the sake of all and not alone for your very own one. It is always to be meant for all of you !

And here I want to mention all elementary facts of support – necessary that some human being will be provided with everything he needs – with nutritional foodstuffs -protection against the cold – to be relieved from all waste and trash etc. Many aspects are to be taken into all of such considerations. And there are so many people which have to participate and sharing in it too. Take note of it and keep it in your mind – we are playing some sort of game – demonstrating all that is necessary in order to make a fresh start here. Yes, and today we do have such experience how such a game has to be played out satisfactorily and with well functioning results.

Did you ever ask yourselves whether you are content how everything is handled in the Now?  Applying and going to administrative agencies, all the complex handling procedures in order to reveive some sort of relief – be it from the health insurance offices, of governmental agencies – whatever …. Everything is so manifold and complex and no more there is any greater survey of all these offices possible for common people. All this may be rather simplified with less organisational structures and less complexity still offering sufficient support and assistance in order for common citizen to conduct a life full of content. Truly it is quite a challenge for all of those being tasked with such issues of re-building and re-structuring  from the very start. And you are part of them – of all those having to tackle these kinds of issues – buildig up, establishing, integrating a.s.o.

Become aware of all the above issues – this will be no way of “Cakewalking” – yet everywhere there will be arising the mood of pioneers because of thegiven chance starting again from scratch. All the failing mistakes known and experienced once – long ago – humans now will try to eliminate and to avoid.

And here we come into it too – you will be accompanied and guided by higher evolved beings with much experience to tackle such situations. They  – and this included us too – will induce new impulses, ideas, stimulations, procedures, processes and simplifications which may easily adopted by you in adaptation to your needs.

You will decide what to adopt and not those one guiding and advising you. You, and entirely you, will decide about everything to be done in due course. We are not allowed to exert any influence herein otherwise it would exactly be alike the way of some alien governmental administration ordering what you have to do when dealing with your issues. This will inevitable lead to some sort of situation equalling the ones of your past .

Thus it is very essential for you to see and understand what is our due part in this all: We are advising and demonstrating and not at least explaining everything too.
To handle and deal – coping with your chores that is entirely up to you – you are being left to see to all practical turnovers!
Be fully aware of it !

If there is anybody telling you anything differently – giving you imperative pre-requisites or premises – never trust such information nor message – since this is not permitted by universal law.

Well, beloved ones, we are now approaching the end of today’s message and I’d like to assure you that we are prepared to do everything that matters will be running smoothly as planned but always keep in mind that we have to adhere to the rules of the universe. This for instance means that we have to attend until certain matters will have been realized first from your part and turned over accordingly.

When such “milestones” will have been achieved and the pertaining procedures concluded we then shall be able to intervene again with our guidance and supporting advice. This again will display – as ever – the interaction of “Cause and Effect” – be aware of it “Cause and Effect” is the name of the game overall in the universe and the same Tango is being played too in your realm here  by name of “Cause and Effect”.

First of all, something has to be undertaken, realized, induced, introduced and then the subsequent results will show up as due consequence. Meant here is: Results first have to be seen -  in the following sequence  becoming consciously aware of such results must be spread which will finaly enable you to go forward into some right directions.
This will then become the effective result eventually – i.e. “Cause and Effect” !

Please take up these facts into your inner hearts since it is something essential to be understood in its full essence. This has to be conducted always in such alike ways. And this is why we always  – from our part – have first to ascertain how the effects will show desired results we shall then be allowed to create some new causes together with you humans here. Do you now perceive how this process is running – do you know now in which way everything is functioning in such context? Until now everything has been running ins such a way yet many humans have missed the very clue of it and are still not aware of it. Well, I do hope to have cleared it now with these concluding phrases.

I do love you from all my heart. I am Archangel Michael.


Translator: Eva-Maria

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