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Ashtar through Kris Won, March 17, 2014

Ashtar through Kris Won, 
March 17, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters that inhabit this world of God known as the Earth: 

Numerous wars have been waged in the course of the history of humankind. Bloody wars that have sealed the lives of milllions of men, leaving behind widows and orfans in their homes. 

As the human being has advanced through the centuries to the current times, his armaments have become more deadly, more sophisticated and more selective, but his desire to destroy remains the same. 

Man's technology has been evolving by leaps and bounds; nevertheless, his sense of morality has not equally grown.

In the past, other much more ancient cultures than yours have made the same mistake; however, in this occasion it is the Will of God that your cities not be destroyed by the waters nor the fire, but that your Nations with their populations be helped, instructed if possible, so that your destiny is not to die under the fury of the elements. 

We, those who are visiting you from places sometimes so far away as well as so disparate, are here amongst you to be of service providing you the help you need in these so delicate, and especially so dangerous, times, given the deadly armaments that humanity currently has. 

Although you have always counted with our help, on the surface as well as from our Motherships or from other smaller ships, the help we are currently providing you is by far much greater than the one you have received in times past. 

I am the Leader of all the Legions of visiting civilizations, which are mainly five, and others who are also helping but in smaller numbers, and who fulfill other type of service tasks for the planet. 

The tasks carried out by the five main civilizations are, for the most part, related to, above all, the protection and safekeeping of the most vulnerable population who live in more precarious situations than the rest of their brothers and sisters. 

We help wherever we can, although it is true that the help should come mainly from your human organizations and the most financially powerful people of your Nations. 

Instead of that, we sadly see that the main macro enterprises that could share their wealth with the most disadvantaged populations live confronted with each other in order to be the most powerful entity in their field, and are only interested in increasing more and more their wealth, and their ever unlimited aspirations to make more and more money, paying a deaf ear and closing their eyes in the face of the ever increasing suffering of the most vulnerable population fighting for their survival, without any hope of being helped by those who yield the power, be it financial, political or social. 

This is an unacceptable and improper behaviour of someone who calls himself/herself a 'human being'! 

Today, more than ever, we are intervening so that all the people who have the power over others, should they not utilize that power to help their citizens to improve their situation in general, be isolated from their positions of influence and be divested of them, in order to be replaced by other people who are willing to do it. 

Little by little we are achieving this, helped by the awakening of the masses, who have started to movilize themselves to fight their oppressors and who are claiming freedom and justice for their respective peoples. 

Make no mistake, in the end we will achieve justive and equality in your communities; do no doubt this at all. 

There is an even more powerful weapon than the one those countries with the most armaments in the planet have: Love. Those of you who have a heart full of Love, are truly more protected than those who have the most defensive and sophisticated armament in the world. 

So, cultivate Love in your hearts, and then defend your rights to be treated with justice and equality by those yielding the power in your respective communities. But be aware, my brothers and sisters, that we are all equal before God, and therefore, deserving of leading a worthy life, having all our basic needs well covered and protected. 

In the Love that unites us all under the heavens, Ashtar Sheran 

Source: Ashtar Sheran 

Channel: Kris Won 

Translator: Gloria 

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