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The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”Active Co-Creator in the Divine Game“

The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”Active Co-Creator in the Divine Game

July the 21th, 2014

Beloved `Brothers and Sisters´ of the Earth, 

We are greeting you in the love and light of Oneness of our being. We are the Sirius siblings and we are now present in the vibration of Love and Harmony – Here and Now. 

Many of you are asking – why we, the star siblings are not intervening visible with more activity and ease in the ascension process. We would like to remind you – that only the Source itself is allowed to actively intervene into the process and Mother Earth is choosing this point in time for herself – when she will enter wholeheartedly into the phase of active and visible transformation. 

There are a great number of factors – that are involved and if you focus on your divineness – you will recognise – that the source is within you – in each of you – and so you start, as Co-Creator to influence yourself – your surrounding field and your environment. 

When you move into the love – into the pure love of your heart – you will feel that your power and your memory of the source comes back into your consciousness. The point is – that you start to open up for the source in yourself from a deep inner nostalgia – and you start to integrate in the divine game as active co-creators – voluntarily and with innermost conviction. 

Nobody else but yourself can make this decision – this choice. If you act out of your own resources and your own initiative – you and your soul will experience a high level of uplifting in your God-presence – that is always present in yourself appreciating All That Is as Oneness. 

It is not our task to convince you with words – it is rather our work to remind you in love of the love and harmony in yourself. All of us are travellers – that are on their way home – into the infinite source – into the origin I AM. We are all divine Beings of Love and of the Light I AM and in the depths of our hearts we are always One. We are the Sirius Siblings of Light.

In Love, Joy and Unity........ Shogun Amona

 Translation German-English: Petra ST 

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