Sunday, April 10, 2016

Marc Gamma -- Contact to subsconsciousness has been unlocked.

Contact to subsconsciousness has been unlocked. 
There is free access to your Higher Self!
Dear Humans,
This is Mother Gaia speaking and today I have an extraordinary joyful message for you. I would like to show you by this script a method how to find the quickest possible access directly to your subconsciousness resp. to your Higher Self.
When the ravages of time are gnawing at you, you will one fine day become aware of having to go on — Now what does this saying mean actually? It is a most habitual saying like a proverb and refers for you humans to something very clear and distinct. …..yes it is death, the physical one which stirs up your memory that you i.e.your body is mortal. And this is actually so that your physical body will be left back here however your soul will go on living and living…….
Now, neither soul nor subconsciousness resp, your Higher Self are proved scientifically to underline their existence.Naturally there are quite a lot of humans having gone through Near-death-ecperiences and there are also expert therapists which know together with the subconsciousness of their clients to put the consciousness of their clients into a state of sleep in order to bring the sage inner being of you to the surface of consciousness.

To be quite exactly it is not a state of sleep but simply some sort of deep relaxation.  Thus your mind is given the possibility to withdraw so that the deeper levelled subconsciousness may ascend:
Let us assume that you had never before experienced this peculiar state meaning you have never before obtained some direct access to your subconsiousness. How is  it done and possible now? This I want to show you by a little ritual and you will be surprised how effective this is and there is no need of practical training or more intensive meditation to it. It is a ritual helping you to circumvent physical consciouness and to gain thereby direct access to  your subconsciousness-
The ritual runs as follow and must compulsorily be persecuted according to the described sequence. Any deviation therefrom will not have the desired result, since this is the crux of any ritual. Those having some problems with the expression “ritual” we can name it also “method or proccess” . Effectiveness of these terms and the result of the ritual are alike ones

Following in order of sequence:
Take several deep breaths with concentration to the depth of your breathtaking. When intaking draw your breath slowly into your stomach and from its depth pushed out through your mouth.
After these deep breathtakings you imagine yourself in a white ball or a ball of light enveloping you. If you find it difficult to visualize this imagination just imagine a big ball all lined up in white wherein you sit or stand.
Imagine this ball of light is flooding you with a wonderful energy streaming as neverending white light into you from the walls of the lightball. Keep your eyes tightly closed, this will help you immensely when visualizing.
Very consciously feel into your body and try to perceive its reactions. Utterly enjoy this wonderful energetic flow of this energetic ball and its effect.
After some while you sense your body grow lighter and lighter leading you into an ever increasing  bodily relaxation. You can add to this state of your body by your imagination that more and more energetic flow comes from the white lightball to be assimilated by you. This again makes you all the more relaxed and this is the state when your subconsciousness opens up the direct access to you.
This is only recently possible since the godlike love-energies  flooding our planet increase their dominance all the more and by them all limitations of the deeper dimensions are being overbridged.
This access will show up as follows: you will all of a sudden hear a voice totally like your own voice. You will find

that somebody tries to establish dome contact with you. First you will think you might be crazy, but this is not so.
This somebody trying to get into contact with you is your Higher Self. Since eternities this your Higher -Self has been connected to you but never incarnated with you on our physical level.
Try to listen to your Higher Self and to start some dialogue with it. When you recognize after some while that you are neither dreaming nor being crazy you have made a big pace forward.
This new access has been opened only since 30th of March 2014  when Mother Gaia has been freed from all negative energies,
This is Mother Gaie speaking  here and I love all humans inside and on surface of the earth deep with all my heart.
Copyright © Gamma Marc. Es ist erlaubt den Artikel zu veröffentlichen, sofern der Text als Ganzes unverändert übernommen, der Name des Autors und der Link zur Originalseite genannt wird.
copyright Marc Gamma, It is allowed to publish this article as long the text is unaltered as its original whole, name of author given and link to its original page.
Here are a few words of the then hostess Charlotte:
Dear Beings of the Light,
My intention with this script was for all those who think that up to now they cannot perceive theit Higher Selves.
I myself was informed previous week again and again that the connection to our godlike Self is most essential for each one of us. Have trust and believe firmly that we all will make it !
I would be so glad when by the above described Method you all would succeed to get into contact with your inner voice!
With Love to you


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