Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Council of Radiant Light: Unfolding the Pure Line of Spirit via Ailia Mira (Meredith Murphy)

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Unfolding the Pure Line of Spirit
The Council of Radiant Light
Channeled on 23 April, 2016 by Ailia Mira

The time is NOW. Be who you are. 
The time is NOW. Let yourself be free.
The time is NOW. Step away from all you’ve known and let yourself discover what IS. 

What IS is what’s NOW. What’s NOW is what is relevant for you. You will know it’s relevant for you when it IS. 
What IS is perfect! You can feed deeply from what IS. 

Let yourself know what IS. Let yourself focus your attention into NOW. Let NOW be fully received. Let yourself know you are this NOW and it is a full and beautiful expression of YOU. This NOW is YOU. It is YOU.
As you let yourself live the NOW and be in this NOW fully and freely receiving it and flowing…you will discover YOU. You will discover life. You will unfold the pure line of spirit! In you, through you, as you!

You will discover that life is more than the singular you, you are expressing it; you are expressing life. You are an elaboration an extension, an emanation of life. You are life and you are the moment expressing itself and you are life receiving and experiencing this moment. That is all. There is nothing else. 
Everything else is distortion. A made up parallel that is going to collapse.
Anyway in which you don't follow your spirit creates a parallel. It will collapse as you orient and flow into the pure line of spirit as you!

The parallel? It will be in the Akashic Records, so you don’t need to remember it or reference it or hold onto it in anyway. You are free to move on without holding onto it in anyway. It’s not you! It was your experience in it’s moment, but as that moment is complete, as another instant occurs, it’s gone and it's still not you.

Isn’t it a surprise to you that you are a gift and you are receiving the gift? You are the present, expressed and experiencing. We are playing with words here and it is fun. That is what NOW is, now. (This now is fun!)
What if you let yourself be you and drop everything else? What if you let yourself be this free all the time? What would that be like? 

The game has changed. Limitation is complete. It's beautifully triggered a return to Oneness!
You are Divine Presence, expressing, receiving. Simultaneously. Ground into the fullness of your Spirit!

It's time to be who you are.

We are complete.

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