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The Cosmic Messenger Pigeon -- The illusory fear and what might come of it

The illusory fear and what might come of it – The Cosmic Messenger  Pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>
The energies of the last days and weeks have led us to be confronted with manifold fears which are hidden deep in us. And they have to come on to the surface because the energies of the new age are not any more compatible with these illusory fears and anxieties. Why this I want to explain with an example.
When we are fast in the grip of our fears we are able to recognize that there is something in us which has not been resolved nor understood. We are well advised to observe these emotions but not to value and judge upon them. It is similar to a friend greeting us whom we have not seen for a long while. This friend has come here to demonstrate us that we have to learn to trust our route and our inner soul-leadership.

As we shall be guided more and more by our soul-leadership in times to come and consequently we shall perceive this better and better. Thereby we also shall learn that this inner Soul-leadership will cultivate only the very best of us.
It is the simple and so-called easy things which are driving us to sheer despair. Might be they are kind and lovable people which are showing these things to us or some situations in our daily life. Mostly these situations have been created by our soul or drawn into our life in order to have the chance to resolve or transform them.
Without the corresponding situation the resulting emotions wound not exist and been transformed. So situations will be created in our reality which are true helpers to us resolving such emotions and healing our heart respectively our soul and everything belonging thereto.
These forward-healing-steps or degrees might sometimes be very challenging because the mind will permanently search for answers and resolutions but in vain the mind cannot find nor supply answers to solve these situations nor challenges. It is like permanently turning round in a circle until we entrust ourselves wholly to our inner soul-leadership. The inner leadership never lies but the mind always is always a hindrance in our way because we try always to explain where there is nothing to explain. The Mind will be flooded i.e. our brain meaning our consciousness is overwhelmed with thoughts being washed to the surface by our subconsciousness. These ever-returning thoughts will like hail patter on to the surface resp. our consciousness, where we can perceive them.
To observe these thoughts still and calmly and to accept them, will teach us to regard them as friends and this friend has come here to us in order to create the energy of healing. This is a necessary pre-requisite for any possible healing.
As soon as our subconsciousness comprehends and recognizes that we can cope with it, that we trust our soul wholly healing of this energy will fully take place by resolving it. Many will regard these emotions and thoughts as a sort of punishment but this is not so. Nobody is being punished and nobody will be always tested. It is some process which has lasted already since centuries but now with a much higher cadence and returning velocity, as there is no other way but the liberation of all levels of being.
There is a simple exercise how to cope with these ever-returning thoughts explains following example: Is it a thought which is not “nice” nor appropriate then you have to  observe his thought without wanting to explain why this is so. Most important is to trust your inner leadership. When the inner Leadership explains to you everything is in order and right that you are on the right route and thus will not be in any way compromised – then you have to accept it unconditionally. Now the energy of your thoughts can pass before you because you do not give them any attention. You are observing but you do not judge or classify. You are the observer but you don’t direct some energy nor attention into it. After this is done you let go of it and ask the spiritual world to transform it until this thought will be resolved.
If good and lovable thoughts or fragments of them are coming to you, you place them into your heart and enjoy this momentum of energy. Then let them go again as the universe will want to work on them. None of it belongs to us no thought nor any energy. It is more like a stream or river coming from source and having to return to its source. Thus it renders the universe to supply us the necessary which we need to make our souls grow.
The universe supports all the more in this process and help may arrive at our end in manifold way. There may be hints from people or events showing us that all is well or even such distinct signals to make us recognize we have made it. This may go in such way along a while until all energies of the past will be resolved and this resolving takes place now very intensively but we can conclude that we can cope with it easier and easier. Our consciousness will learn more and more that we are guided and led by our soul and this guidance enhances us on all levels.
Coming to the end.
When we succeed to regard these thoughts as our friends we have done the first step or first degree. When we comprehend to trust our inner soul-leadership we have done the second step. And when we recognize this has gone forever we shall be able to know that one stratum more ha been healed. And every stratum will be easier to be resolved and healed because there will be enough energy to resolve and heal ever faster and quicker and even easier.
I do hope you could follow the sequences of my thoughts and understood what is here the main thing. It is not so simple and easy but everything is much easier as long you trust your inner guidance. This and much more adds to the process of ascension and of healing where we are actively now.
I wish you a good journey retour to your Higher Self,
The Cosmic Messenger Pidgeon
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