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Trust and Control – The Cosmic Messenger Pigeon via Marc Gamma.

Trust and Control – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>
Common sense i.e. mind – emotions, feelings, trust, and controlling them, these are interdependent elements resp. experience. If you have your trust and in your route you will also be able to accept the inward appearing signs and signals because these never lie. There are however situations where your inner voice will not give you any output resp. information because these would exert some influence on the route which you have to follow. Such influence would lead to results of your learning (development) route which are not targeted or desired.

If your soul resp. your inner voice gives you wholly and clear distinctive signals resp. pieces of information you can conclude there from it is right and essential to believe them. Believing something is formatting the reality which again is created with the help of obtained thoughts. We usually manifest everything that is presented in our inside. For each thought is an offspring in our godlike self and this godlike in us is always coherent and exactly suited to each one`s life-route. Nothing on it is truth neither lie as these terms simply and easily exist only on our earth resp. in the duality where we are now making our experience in this duality dimension of our planet. Everything deriving from our godlike self is the purest and honest truth just in order to express it in the human tongue. And nothing at all hay hinder nor disturb this process. Consequently each human experience is based on lived and experienced knowledge and felt emotions which are adverse to each other.
Past experience teaches us not to repeat certain things because one has had some problems in order to learn from them. Has such situation passed and we have made our learning from it this situation may similarly crop up again. From our experience then we will not take this same route again because of our past bad experience according to the principle of avoidance. But if our heart leads us and wanting to lead us again into some alike situation, it is a question of our trusting. As it came in the first time as a lesson for us it will be just the same now but containing quite another message than before. Just these moments enable us to recognize that our heart-route is compact challenge. Where we have stumbled in the beginning we have to look for a new way of trusting and where there is trusting in us this may lead to resolving these old themes which is no longer relevant. Our negative experience has taught us not to repeat things e.g. habits while our heart says please do it again as this time there is a different message for you.
Truth is offspring of our heart and thoughts will be pondered upon in our hearts which then will manifest on the physic surface, they can and they must do so. Every thought is being sent into the universe with great velocity higher than that of the light. The universe is like a large copy-apparatus inputs this thought and creates, delivers the corresponding situations. The latter’s create new thoughts again setting up the universe into driving and causing again the input of these fresh thoughts in order to apply and express it on the physical plain. The illusion of mankind is a large copy-apparatus of thoughts which are presented so perfectly on the physical plain that one finds it very difficult to recognize what it is really about it. With the growing recognition and the developing consciousness these aspects, this knowledge will be integrated all the better into our being and our I-AM-Presence. It must be accepted that this may lead to insecurities. When one comprehends the rules of the universe working one will know that each reality is being created and formed from the individual human self at any time. Each thought as the offspring of the deepest being is taken up from the universe and put into physical existence.
There are protection instruments filtering these thoughts and help mankind to learn how to do the procession of manifestation. Without these protection instruments Mankind would cause chaotic circumstances which could not be repaired by mankind. Complex thoughts will come and go. Simple thoughts will remain for a while until mankind will have learned how to cope with them. As soon as the soul recognizes this has been learned the little thought may be set free and the human energy will be able to alter. Consequently learning may be done on a higher degree until this journey comes to an end. Where this journey will find its end is not known for this would open up the chance that the journey has ended.
Power is in our hearts, and our mind has everything which will deviate us from our route. Only the consequent trust in the words and messages of our sub consciousness are bringing the absolute happiness and this again can only be accepted if there is some unconditional trust to our sub consciousness as the godlike in us is the sub consciousness defined by our soul. There is a cause for everything and it is impossible to recognize these causes and the pertinent relationship of these things because it is not to be grasped nor defined. Everything is flowing and the stream of life is building his way and we cannot do anything about it.
The Cosmic Messenger Pigeon
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