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The Sirius Siblings of Light: ”Be full of Confidence – that All will develop into the Highest” (26-04-2016)

The Sirius Siblings of Light:  ”Be full of Confidence – that All will develop into the Highest”


Beloved Humans – beloved earth lights - we welcome you in unconditional
love and harmony – we ARE the Sirius Siblings.
There is a lot to report – because on the earth level – and especially in the earth magnetic field - an increased modification and re-alignment is carried out.
We would like to talk about it briefly – what it does mean for you and your light bodies. You are directly linked to the earth magnetic field through your light body system.
All your knowledge – all your memories – all that – what you know is
recorded in the magnetic field of the earth.

And now – because of an increase of the energy flow – that are reaching you – from the source – from the central sun – your memories will expand continuous.
Sometimes it happens – that the energies focus itself strongly to “penetrate” your body system – and as a result of this, symptoms can arise –
that might irritate you and keep yourselves busy.
This can lead to tiredness- which can occur spontaneously and if you can -
let it happen and look to get rest and sufficient sleep.

During such phases of rest, alignment will be integrated more efficiently – than you can imagine – because in the phases of sleep your ego-consciousness and
the co-swinging mental field are quiet as well.
So be full of confidence – that all will develop into the Highest and your awakening – the cosmical incarnation – will develop miraculous.
Now you will discover more – how the old and previous systems of your society break apart and will be replaced by new impulses and ideas.

In addition sometimes fears and insecureness shows up – that you can hand over to the source and to your spiritual angels.
Call upon us – call your spiritual companion – and ask for relief – if you are under too much pressure and be assured – we are always there – instantly and support you.

We are the Sirius Siblings – Your sisters and brothers from the stars.

In Love, Joy and Unity........  Shogun Amona 

Translated by PetraSt

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