Monday, February 6, 2012

English - Sananda and Saint-Germain - 06.02.2012

“Take your first steps, raise your vision within and unfold your wings”

Greetings, you beautiful and brave warriors of the Light!  This is Sananda and Saint Germain who come as the Brothers we are, to tell you that also you should take care of the old, new and rediscovered Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods that you now see unfolding and presenting themselves in front of you. Embrace this and see it as the Divine Gift it is. For, our Dear Children of the Light, it so written that you shall find each other, that you shall reconnect to each other to then walk side by side during the coming times. We are now very busy to wake up many of you. Some of you are quite aware of this, as you start to become many groups in numbers that quietly are being armed for this your battle, this your higher purpose into which you were born. Some of you are not yet fully or not at all conscious of that you were actually born for this challenging purpose and that you actually have a soul that is thousands upon thousands of years old, which has been well armed to face this time. In consensus!

Much more arming will take place of those that not have not yet fully woken up to their purpose and fully responded to the Universe’s and the Source’s bell that calls for gathering and supper. You children of the Light, our beloved enthusiastic souls, who already are awake: Remember that it is also your task to respond to this bell when it calls for you to welcome newly woken up fellow souls. It is also your task to take them under your wings, as we have done and do with you children of the Light. Together we will and we must help one another with this since these are busy days where we all, both in the 3d dimension and the 5th dimension, have much to handle. It is as it should be and we have all been armed differently for this time, we all have different roles to play, fill and master. We all want the same thing; To reintroduce the pure Love on Mother Earth. That which holds the purest of Light and the simple, but powerful knowledge of what mighty children of God and Source to All That IS, that we actually and in Truth are. You are Beings of Light that have signed up for dressing up in a too tight, suffocating and sticky suite with accompanying sunglasses and a large hat, which further limits your view. Well, it is now time for you to through off these aching and worn out rags and it is so time for you to sow seeds in your next pasture.

Alone is not strong and it is time for you to come together, our Dear Ones. Sow a seed one at a time, then water these small seeds of the Light carefully when you feel it so is time. Everything at the right moment! Keep your vision high, your Heart warm and attentive. We help you to follow the flow and the current tide. We help you to hear and feel the pulse that now embraces and pulse in All That Is. Do your daily meditations, hopefully more. Do not make this into something big and hard. Even if it is only for 5, 15 or 30 minutes it is for the good and it will help you to find your inner core and a larger peace, which then can grow roots within you in order to become a permanent part of you. Do not have any demands as to what you should see, just feel or hear. Just be! Brief calmly and rhythmically. Ask for protection of the Light and ask to be able to walk in Love and peace and just for the Highest Good. You always have your personal Guides present and us Masters and Heavens Spiritual Hierarchy are more than ever present with you all at this time. The winds of change are now blowing in Truth. Do not let you be deceived by the illusionary surface that might seem to mirror the old times’ mirror image. You who can hear and see, you can see through this and we ask you with warmth in our chests: Help also those that do not see and hear yet to start to perceive this New that stands at the door. But remember to take small careful steps where you use your social competence and where you delicately feel how it fits to sow this little seed that we often and gladly talk about. Do not drop the “whole bomb” all at once. There are those that can handle it, but not all are designed and ready for it, but need time and right amount of water and nurturing as it concerns the awakening to the new Age. Everything has its time and everything happens in the moment. But when the moment is there for you, whatever it may be, it is of course important for you our Dear Ones that you are brave and dear to listen to the flow that goes through you every moment.

We would like to put it this way – it is time to act and stop talking. Do not misunderstand us now, “the talk” has been your armor and your time as it concerns different things and processes that have been yours to go through. You have so also been encouraged to integrate with your Guides and way showers, Brothers and Sisters and to concentrate yourself on your own development – to become ready to fly and strong in your own Truth within. However, many of these processes are in a steady flow and they continue now forward unstoppably. Those of you who now start to feel ready to fly are encouraged to carefully and with courage and trust in your beautiful Hearts to now test your wings. Take a short flight and then land to check with your control tower and your colleagues. How did it go? How did it feel? Maybe it is possible to take a little longer trip next time? Or are you in fact ready to climb up the mountain to embark on a real long and high flight tour?

Challenge yourself step by step. We are with you. When you wander in the purest of Truth and in the highest of Love these short flights will be felt to be manageable, fantastic and they will give you a taste for more, even if they can be a bit bumpy and the landing does not always proceed completely painlessly. As we have said, nobody have said that this was going to be a first class flight where you sit and sip champagne and leisurely tell your fellow travelers about the state of the world, the Universe and the New that you all are entering, whether you want it or not. No, clearly these flights will offer plenty of side winds and turbulence. However, as long as you focus, trust and Love for all and everybody, the simple, and the big – the unconditional Love and the clear Light that ward off all pain, fear and lack.

In the Light and in the Love fear, hate and pain cannot survive and when you have reached the core within you no turbulence or cold wind can unbalance you. When you stand in Truth with humbleness and patience in your Hearts no storm or monsoon can unbalance you. The Dark are very much aware of this and this is their largest fear – the Love and Light within you. That which opens you up as you remember your origins and which Beings of Light and souls you in Truth are is in there at the bottom that is you and only you – your inner core of Light. It is now being unveiled, lit up, rediscovered and expanded. We rejoice and literally jump for joy on the spot where we are and also observe the developments on Mother Earth.

Coming developments that will play themselves out in front of you on Mother Earth will demand that you stand calm, focused and steady on Earth with a high vision focused on the Highest Good. Do not let you be seduced, blinded and depressed by the very dirty tricks that may be played against you, the workers of the Light and enthusiasts, and do not let yourself and others loose heart. When one child falls and scratches his knee while playing some tears are lost, but then it is full speed forward again – we need you to do the same. Be brave, tenacious and proud of your Missions of Love, which you are born to be an important part of. Remember that sustainable changes will take time to birth and manifest. Ponder that this will demand confidence, patience and large portion of vision. Keep your eyes focused. Please look up on your beautiful Sky our beloved, look carefully, for we are there. In Truth. We long for all of you and we love you so dearly. You are our star brothers and sisters and you have been missed, but we are closer to each other than ever. Is it not fantastic! We raise our arms in celebration and we bow to you, our brave and tenacious Dear peers. Thank you for your fighting spirit. Keep it up!

In so much Love and Light,

Sananda and Saint Germain.

Channeler: Angelica

Original site:  sananda

Translator: Staffan

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