Thursday, February 2, 2012


While people were busy minding their daily business, plannings behind the scenery were running in order to cut you off with a sudden jerk from everything promised to you !

This much the dark powers struggle up and no wonder they do so as for her fright to lose their power and official posts and that they might being held responsible by the people and to be accounted for their activities. And this directly will happen. However, again we'd like to remind you that we shall be coming in peace - with unconditioned love - and n o t to put anybody in the pillory ! This anyhow will be taken care of by those themselves playing their shadow-game. Disclosure will come shortly ! It is for the high frequencies of light that everything corresponding to the old lower and heavy energies will rise to the surface. Referring again to the former élite powers that were - no need to worry - it's all under our control down to their deepest thoughts and we shall - never ever - allow that plannings for enslaving mankind will come true!

They have progressed already too far and hitherto actions from our side had been blocked as we had to respect your own Free Will - up-to-now- meaning that our Creator has authorized us that as from now on we may resort to our technologies to remove all those fromout their groups which still serve the shadow party and are not willing neither be prepared to return to the light. By decree of our Creator we have arrived at this Golden Point of No Return !

They have shot themselves out believing they could go on playing the game of separition eternally. However we should like to add that many lightworkers and starseeds have asked the Creator to have mercy upon mankind and Gaia herself - not for themselves! They wished people to be free and to live provided with everything needed for good living and not any more being compelled to work for their living and food of their families. A n d furthermore last not least …....that the First Contact finally has to take place !

You will have noticed in all our previous messages that we have directed our attention more to enlighted ongoings and targets, to events, matters of present standing or outcome. Why ? Now, whereto the masses focus their energies … it is that reality is being created ! There will be sufficient disclosures anyhow demonstrating what has been going on in the background behind the public sceneries and how much you have been betrayed by withholding from you all the things which could have made your life much easier.

Lovingly we are reaching out our hands towards you - enchanted from what we perceive  and and we 'd love to go ahead already now and start with celebrations. Yes, beloved messengers of the light, we did mention it before in our past messages that in case the Dark Allies do not invite us it will be you which would be building up a Team of First Contact and that is exactly what you are doing now ! We do not want to name anybody in order to safeguard Gaia's Messengers of Light being the first of passing the gangway.

We stretch our arms out towards you asking: " Shall we mutually ring the bell together to open up The Day of First Contact ? Do you want to join our team? We know what the final results will be like! The final outcome will be a good one ! Nothing - simply nothing at all can happen in the further run which could hinder and impede the lightful change of you and of the entire whole.

With full power and as fast as the winds cast away all that which does not conform to the highest frequencies of light-energies! We do know that this is quite a challenge for all of you ! You have to let go and much of it having been considered being easy when planning your life - is now - having to live it out - connected to great pains. Still by these pains you had, in former incarnations, been reminded to your contracts of soul ….and by all the suffrance endured you have become what you are today ! " Like a beautiful Phenix arising from the Ashes ! " That is how we solely may describe it.

Such are the topics of the inner child which spring up from you like sharpedged break-offs thereby creating something which appears as separition which in fact is only some sort of a break in between. Why is that so ? Because this will safeguard all those in love with each other and also those who have bound themselves to each other by contract of soul. Thus you won't be able to hurt each other as the process of transformation may turn out to be very tiring and fatiguing sometimes ! And when having almost finished the same will start with your partner, your family, and your fellows at work.

Such is the effekt of the Domino Stones, the first falls off and the others in sequence of order will follow undoubtedly ! Right in the middle of your transformation you had to go through some phase which shoved you to your utter brink of your strength and power ...yet …. you always got up again! What kind of wonderful beings you are !

However the point of time has been reached that after clearing most of the past issues from your inside, from now on it will be more the matter of your physical body, namely the transformation into a lively body of light !

It goes without saying that there will again and again come up inner issues repeatingly but as you have become very well in watching those you should be able to remain in such phases only for a short while.

I am Marix from Sirius and I have to relate to you the greetings from Inner Earth, the ArchAngels as well as from your spiritual Guides ! We all are on the standby being prepared to have our fanfares play for your welcome when the day of uniting to the ONE has arrived. Legions of light-beings will be standing side by side clapping their hands with applause - for you actually are the stars of history, much more than you are conscious of now.

How wonderful is this earthly sparkling and how glamorous are the ships in their shine !

Channeler: Sarinah

Original site: marix-sirius

Translator: Mary

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