Monday, February 27, 2012


Message from David and Roksanna – 27.02.2012

What about that ship Neptune, which you were waiting for? Two days before the event up there the Concil of Twelve decided to  stop any presence or contact till the day of the first wave. For now it is only available to a single race. If anyone sees anything else then it is not from them, the Galactic,  but to be honest it is a Earthly apparatus..
There will be a transition this year, and the Disclosure is a matter of few months (in principle) but it you may be away with it, everything is relative, it is intended to be so, but everything depends on people`s  readiness for it. Otherwise the transition exists but not here, the cycle will just change, as it has happened so far and as the different races have changed themselves.

The truth is that the people should stop allowing them to be lied and deceived by the so called prophets and  awake up at all because their fate depends on this and the fate of all as a serial race here depends on this.

If people show and prove that they are pure and spiritual worthy, then all is well, but otherwise – no one will be allowed to pollute the pure cosmic energy with a negative one that comes from a puny society and if it is so this race of ours would diverge with the transition, the Earth will cleanse herself as it has happened before and some day one of the future races here will pass if it proves to be pure and worthy.

Many people are convinced they are pure, but actually they are dark inside… In this respect it is not so important people say but if you are pure and strive internally for this purity, goodness and love, you must shine them all. Anyone who is pure will go in one way or another.

Because of that spiritual contamination many who are unaware will not be able to pass. It is a pity that the percentage of the pure ones is very small.
And what is this transition - everything is energy level, most of the people will not be aware or notice it. They will think that everything is like it was before – but it will not be so. These who will not succeed will continue at the same level till the next cycle, others will pass and will continue further; those who are most degraded spiritually will drop down into lower levels. This is just like an onion. This is a major realingment and everything starts from the beginning.

Many people want to know the truth but they are not ready for it, when they hear the truth, they start denying it because it doesn`t fit with their beliefs and understanding.  Anyone has to open his /her consciousness and overcome the matrix behavior and the way of thinking, only this way he or she will be free.

Thank you, David and Roksanna

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