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Saint Germain - Be brave to enter the New Age, the Age of Aquarius! 30.12.2011


I AM Saint Germain having come to you again, ladies and gentlemen!

I have come on the New Year's Eve to announce to you that in the coming year I intend to exercise a more intensive supervision over the situation on the planet!

I have come to remind you that it is actually I who is the Hierarch of the coming age. That is why it is actually I who has come today to tell you that the new energies, the energies of the coming Aquarian Age, have finally come into their full power!

At last, mankind has plunged into the new energies almost entirely!

It will seem to you unusual and new. You will be surprised and confused. Because everything will start changing. I have come to announce that the vital need of the current time is your readiness for the upcoming changes.

Those who will be able to keep their consciousness within the vibrations of Joy, Love, harmony and happiness, will be able to fully enjoy the coming changes. Those of you who are in the old way tuned in to malevolence, doubts, fear, will become able to easily give up these energies of the preceding age.

I have come to herald the beginning of the New Age – the Age of Aquarius! And, as the Hierarch of the coming age, I am preparing a surprise for you! And this surprise concerns each of you who will come in touch with the energies contained in this New Year's Message of mine! For you the period is coming, when your mere desire, expressed aloud or to yourself, the desire to give up the old energies, is enough to make a transition within your consciousness onto another level of vibrations.

Right now this opportunity is open! Right now the Divine term has come when you will be able to change your consciousness and your approaches to life. You are only required to express your intention aloud or to yourself.

All the Ascended Hosts are ready to render assistance to you. And I, being the Master responsible for the advent of the new Age, the Master picking up the torch from the past in order to aspire to the future, will take care of your souls. Right now, without losing a moment, do appeal to me! Assistance will be rendered to everyone who clearly expresses their intention to give up the past and acquire the new energies, the energies of regeneration, the energies of aspiration and joy!

It will be characteristic of the New Age that each of you, who wish to, will get an opportunity to raise your vibrations smoothly and almost instantly to the level needed for the qualitative existence in the New World.

You are being given the opportunity to give up the past! Right now!

Now that I have cheered you up with the new dispensation, I am ready to say a few more joyous words for you concerning our future cooperation.

Do not think that the Ascended Hosts are somewhere far away and do not hear you. I hear every call of yours appealing to me. And then, when you experience any negative, inferior state of consciousness, I ask you to remember about my existence and appeal to me with an ardent call-prayer about delivering from your negativity. This way we will become able to gradually overcome one after another of the inferior states of your consciousness.

I will reveal a great secret to you. And all of you already have known this secret for a long time without my words. The point of this secret is that you yourselves, each of you, make a decision within yourselves, whether to fall under the influence of the negative state of consciousness or not. There is a moment when you make a decision within yourself, whether to succumb to a bad mood or not, whether to start condemning this or that person or not, whether to succumb to offense or not, whether to give way to sorrow or not.

You and nobody else make this decision. And when you make a decision to yield to the old energies, you plunge into them entirely, so that not even I will be able to help you. That is why, as soon as any negative energy approaches you, you should make a call for help to me immediately. I will help you raise your consciousness! I will send you my smile and give you my helping hand! In the darkest hour of your life. This way we will become able to overcome the old energies. And since nature abhors a vacuum, in order to supplant any negative state of your consciousness do immediately call up the opposite, positive state.

Fear is the greatest evil of your world. Perfect Love substitutes any fear. Actually, any negative quality can be dissolved by this universal solvent. Practically all the negative energies surrounding you may be absorbed and dissolved by the energy of Love.

Joy and Love come to you when your Faith is steadfast. When you rely in your consciousness on God and the Ascended Hosts.

That is why I remind you that you constantly need to appeal to me for help. Because I am that very being now who is responsible for the transition of the human consciousness to the new qualitative level.

You and I, together we are able to perform the miracle which will unavoidably happen! And now I will reveal a secret to you! This new secret concerns the new dispensation that planet Earth has received.

At the meeting of the Karmic Board a decision has just been reached to grant extra energy to be at the disposal of planet Earth - a new allowance of Divine Energy. And everything that vibrates at the frequencies of Joy, Love and Divine Liberty will unprecedentedly be supported by Heavens in the coming year and the following years. Everything that rejects the new energies will gradually become deprived of its privileged positions in the world. The old institutions, the institutions of society, which are based on the energies of the past and on the vibrations of the expiring age, will be gradually substituted by the new institutions.

I encourage those who are not afraid of changes, who are ready to stand up for the principles of Divine Liberty, the team spirit in their lives. I encourage everyone who is ready for cooperation based not on the principles of self-profit but on the principles of Common Weal and Good.

New principles are coming into your world. And for their precipitation ready hearts are needed, the hearts of the people fearlessly devoted to evolution. I do hope that there will appear a few hundreds of people among those of you who are reading the lines of this Message of mine, through whom I will be able to work personally and transmit my energies into your world!

I am ready to work and cooperate with the evolutions of planet Earth!

Are you ready? I do hope that even if today you are not ready and cannot join the ranks of pathfinders, yet tomorrow you will become able to overcome the leftovers of the energies of the past and bravely announce your readiness to the Heavens to become the co-worker of the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light, the co-worker of the Ascended Hosts, the co-worker of the Masters of Wisdom!

I am saying good-bye to you. But I ask you not to forget this Message of mine and to re-read it each time the energies of the past are trying to penetrate into your consciousness.

Do guard yourselves against all the negative energies of the past.

Be brave to enter the New Age, the Age of Aquarius!

I AM Saint Germain!

Channeler: Tatyana Mickushina

Original site:

Translators: Olga Kudzoeva and Svetlana Nekrasova

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