Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sananda and Saint-Germain, February 1st, 2012


Dear Per, Dear Angelica, and children of the Light, we are so glad that you turn within and to us for guidance in this for you somewhat difficult and delicate question. When it comes to discernment it is always delicate and somewhat difficult to navigate since it is up to each and everyone in these times to find their Truth within, thus it is so difficult to enter in somebody else’s sphere and point with the whole hand to that one thinks one sees and discern. This can be very frustrating to experience.

There is now more than ever a tough battle between the Light and the dark. This is something you are already aware of and you also see this all around you, both on a personal level and group level and also on the world map. This Ashtar talked to you Angelica about, and it is something we have prepared you for, for some time now. Now it is the time for this to fully bloom out and then integrate followed by a higher calm, clearer view and a warmer Heart for each and everyone that calmly stood in this storm and who has in a peering fashion managed to discern the Truth which holds the pure Light. A noble art, our Dear friends, a very noble art. It is for this reason that we have nagged you about this until you are close to throwing yourself on the floor in restlessness over our nagging about this discernment and the importance of mastering this, after coming into Truth with one self – within one self.

We can tell you this and that, but it is still You, which must integrate with what we say and discern what is of Truth for you. Otherwise nothing strong can be built, from within and out. Should you swallow all that you get from the higher dimensions your transformation to a Crystalline being of the Light could not happen. This is as mentioned hard work, “blood, sweat and tears”, as you say in 3D. See yourself as cleaning stations as it concerns the information you receive. You must listen to your body, your Heart, and use your ability to discern when you receive messages and information. Does this ring true? Is it for the Highest Good and above all does it hold pure Love and pure Light?

Consider now that Light stands for much more than many think and actually absorbs and integrate in your state of limited consciousness. Light is information, knowledge, love, and purity. Light is the absence of shadow.

With this it is not meant that it should not be difficult to walk in Truth and Light. It is. Consider that you have been deep in slumber and that you have not walked in pure Love and Divinity for very long. Each one as an individual has dragged along a lot of baggage and to let go of it “just” by simple intent to walk in the Light, into our arms, this is a statement that does not quite ring so true. However, it is up to you do experience your own lessons and in fact by yourself realize that this is not so. To be “born again” to one’s true origin, to see one’s own Divinity and to come to an inner Truth about who you in Truth are and what Love you harbor in the inner Core of Light that is you, is a long process within – An intensive and hard process. We would very much like for you to understand this more than ever, now when you are being armed for the birthing of the Age, as you know and feel already, has started and accelerated. Do not be afraid to air your reflections, doubt and pains. This is no dance on soft clouds from the beginning to the end. It is like a poison that should be cleaned out from you both mentally, physically and soul wise - Something that IS demanding and sometimes can feel like a hopelessly long and never ending process. Now, we do not want to sound like doomsday prophets here. This is far from our intention, dear Ones. However, we are keen now, more than ever, to get you to see and internalize that this road IS hard, at the same time as it is wonderfully joyful and pure and of True Love – That it is, In Truth.

However, some of you have still somewhat of a glorified picture of what an Ascension process for you and for our beautiful Mother Earth actually means. It is this picture that we now are very eager to give you a necessary counter balance to. Those that are capable and ready to integrate with this fact will do so. Those that are not will go there own way, since they have more lessons and insights to gain. We should not throw stones on each other, not you and absolutely not we. Everybody has their own way to walk, their own experiences to make and their own unique insights to reach through this. So, everything is as it should be. We do our utmost to guide you, as far as we are able to and have approval for. You should know that many times it is itching in our fingers and we wish we could just move you from point A to point B and then to C, D, E… and so on. But, that would not be in truth as mentioned - nothing could be built from the outside. It must start from inside you through your own understanding, your own Light and your own realization for it to be able to manifest in Truth outside of you. It is easy to make the calculation yourself and understand that it takes time, is a never ending process and you have to hold on to your hat while you work on your trust, discernment and the clear mind together with the burning Heart.

The wind is blowing in the trees now, our beloved Brothers and Sisters. The hats that are yours threaten to blow off of you if you do not hold on to them and raise your vision within you. Know that we work intensively and now more than ever with the processes that belong to Ascension. We are always at your side and in Truth these are busy days. However, all still has its own time, its process and for this to be in Truth these processes must be allowed to take their due time. Even if we do all we can to help these processes along it is still so that everything has to happen in the momentum. Follow the flow, Dear Ones. Follow the flow that comes from walking in Truth and in the full Light. When the flow is with you it is easy, it can be challenging of course, but your development and ability to manifest is then in a never ending flow.

There are many energies flourishes among you, the Light workers, at this time, more than ever. The dark is doing all it can to sow a split between you, children of the Light. This is most carefully calculated and they do all they can to suck out of you your beautiful Light energy. So, now we want you to guard yourself and your closest Brothers and Sisters, and that you use the support that many of you have in the groups that you “belong to”. Help one another now to discern the Light and the way forward. For at this moment it is a bit foggy for you. Hold on. It is as it should and nothing to be afraid of, it is something you have to get through. Feel the wealth inside you, feel the Love and open up your Hearts for the Light. But it is you who must do it, our beloved. Nobody else can so do it for you, we can only help you along. But, the stronger you get in your light, the closer we can work and integrate with you, and we more easily will reach you with as pure information as possible. For a certain distortion can always appear, this is a somewhat of a complex communication, which many of you are aware of. It is why discernment is so incredibly important.

No Ascension can manifest if you do not first come into Truth with yourselves. You beautiful souls that are incarnate during this time exactly to master this Truth, once again, so that you can bring yourselves and Mother Earth towards the Truth and the pure Love that rests in the Golden Age. Not until then will it be true, sustainable and not until then can the flow that rests in walking in Truth guide you towards the pure untouchable Light that no storm and no monsoon can extinguish or quell. The light that rests within you! Dear ones, within you! The Light that no dark or illusionary movements can mislead and give a shadow to!

Listen within. See behind you, under and over and then go within again. Walk now in strong trust and with a clear mind. Hold the flame burning in your hands, even if it is blowing in the wind. With your will, intention and perceptivity you can so hold this flame burning in any storm, since it is the flame of Love and Light. The flame of Truth! It is yours. Receive it and embrace it with your whole being. You were born to master these your different missions that all end up in one and the same Mission – to work for the Highest Good. In the name of the Highest Good there are no short cuts, only the path of Truth. It is fantastic, for more and more of you now see it and we are so glad. We now put our hands on your shoulders and tell you: Hold on!

Be strong and resistant and convey warmth and Love to your fellow man and woman in the coming times, which can become and feel stormy. We will then need you to stand firm, full of warmth, joy and trust so that you all walk towards better and newer times. In Truth. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to sweat a little. Remember, you signed up for this time and it is now time to polish the armor, our beloved children of the Light.

All our love to you! Go in peace within and be ONE with all that IS.

Sananda and Saint Germain.

Channeler: Angelica

Translator: Staffan

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