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English - Ashtar via Angelica 28.01.2012

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Greetings my Dear Angelica and my Dear children of the Light, it is I Ashtar who is here to say a few words that can be seen as timely right now. As you have noticed much is happening all around you now, both on a personal level with you and so also with your closest fellow man and woman, and further out in the world that is your reality right now on Mother Earth. I wish to tenderly caress your cheek and tell you that you shall not be afraid, My Dear Ones. It is as it should be, hard as it might sound at first, as the changes, transformations and the outer and inner “mess” that you are going through and observe are necessary. Know now that this is what we talked about, which ever more is gaining strength and form, it is also that which you are equipped to handle and so much more. You shall thus hold your gaze high, the heart brave and burning plus a clear and focused mind. Now more than ever should you reflect on and integrate with these words, for it has started, My Dear Ones. Oh, Oh, do not now get afraid. You are walking in the Light and in Truth that rests in Love. This is your path to walk and you shall thus not fear and harbor doubt. Mark my words, children of the Light – you are born for this time and many of you have also so been equipped for eons of time, I would like to add. 

From our vantage point everything is at is should be. We hold respect for the feelings that you are going through, but we also know that it is as it should be. You follow the flow and so does Mother Earth’s Ascension process. In the higher vibrations and energies that now practically flood over you and over Mother Earth the things that are of lower vibrational character and energy cannot continue to exist. It could with a simple analogy be likened to a wound that gets corrosive acid poured on it, the reaction will hardly then wait, correct? Compare it to a child who cannot swim without a floating ring and air cushions, and definitely does not have the ability or courage to venture out into the deep part of the pool. There is then bound to be reactions of dramatic kinds at all different levels with facts and scenarios described above. Even if this is very much expressed in a simplified way to give you an easy to understand understanding of the bigger picture, it is thus this that you can witness around you now, both on an individual, group and societal level.

In order to effect the birthing of the New Age and all that it entails it is necessary and unavoidable that this happens. We who are here to assist and guide you have spoken about this many, many times, but I still think it needs to be mentioned again. In the current confusion, pain, challenges and in the coming chaos that might play itself out it is paramount to keep one self calm, focused, unafraid and warm in the Heart. We tell you this over and over again My Dear Ones, it contains great Truth, and you will have to read these lines many times when it appears to be hard to breath and to see the road clearly in front of you. And, above all to see where the road is taking you. This is new for you, you are in the process of waking up to the world you thought only existed in the world of Fairy tales and you are thus still battling with doubt, since the 3D illusion is still strong in its structure and surface. But, poke a bit on these badly built houses of cards and they will fall. See behind, see over, see ahead and on the side. What do you see? What do you feel? Can you hear? Good. Believe in it and KNOW that you now walk more and more in the Light of Truth.

Many of you are now in old or new groups of Brother or Sisterhood in service to the Light. Here, I Ashtar, want to say to you all who know you are on an important mission, both as individuals and as a group, that now during the emerging times it is important that you now more than ever turn to each other in your groups and help each other. Remember that when one is weak then the other one will carry and when one is loosing speed then the other one can help to shift into a higher speed again. You shall now more than ever be there for your Brothers and Sisters who walk in Truth and you will help each other to discern the Truth. As a matter of fact this will not be very easy during the coming times that wait for you, My Dear Ones. Then it is important that you help each other with exactly this. Discuss and be open for that which you never thought could happen, be or exist. Let go now forever of your ideas about right and wrong, of old frames that belong to the old belief systems. Let go of these and try to make yourself to unwritten pages, but discern with the Heart and develop an humble and warm integrity. This is very important and something that will be discussed more going forward.

You must become your own Masters. You must find your own Truth in the swarm of information and messages that now circulate. It is ok to be different, yet similar. Where the Light and the Love, the simple, is that which holds the largest Truth and that which leads the Army of the Light forward and up.

Till we meet again, walk in Love and be this Light for others that you were born to become and be. But to fully be able to manifest this, work first with the inner flame that is yours. Then you can put the world, Mother Earth and the Universe ablaze - Love’s untouchable flame. It is like a warm, beautiful bonfire in the spring - unquenchable and eternal in its beauty.

All Love to you, My Dear Ones. Remember we are not far away and we are always with you. We are one.


Channel: Angelica

Translator: Per 

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