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Sananda26THof January, 2012 Channel: Angelica

Welcome the new vibrations with the Heart of a Lion

   Sananda26THof January, 2012

  Channel: Angelica

Dear child of the Light and dear Brothers and Sisters. I, Sananda, come to you this evening on behalf of the whole Galactic Federation to welcome you into the Golden Age. You who are tracking the truth and you who walk towards these strong Lights, you know that the winds of change are now blowing very hard. In truth, Mother Earth, the Universe and all souls on this planet, are now entering into the New. The New Age is here and it will not wait. You who already are aware of this, you who are awake, you can feel how it practically contracts in the middle of the eye of the storm, as a mother who waits to birth and welcome her child. In the same way we now feel these expectant vibrations and you become ever more conscious that the tide now pulsate in one single beat of the heart. This has a great impact on all souls on Mother Earth, do not think that anybody will escape this. However, you who are awake or is beginning to wake up out of the illusionary box that you have been sleeping in for so long you can feel these new and powerful vibrations as sudden loss of energy, changes in appetite, as you do not need the same intake of energy as before and neither do you react to food as before, you mood is on a high and then on a low all at the same time and you feel gradually how that which gave you joy before more and more is loosing its attraction and radiance. This can put you in a very contradictory emotional state and the glorified picture you might have had of how it is to start up an Ascension process is now being chipped in the corners and it is falling apart as a house of cards. Good. It is as it should be. Do not fear this, my beloved Starseeds. It is as it should and it IS something that you all must go through.

It is not a dance on the clouds or in the stars to go through an Ascension process. Simply put: It entails hard work, tears, laughter, focus, discernment, discipline, endurance, bravery and above all a high, high vision that can see beyond tricky traps of the illusion. To do this it requires all the characteristics and emotional spectra that I just listed. I want to point out that it requires a grand process that starts within to break out from the narrow frame of reference and box you have been in, for such a long time. So My Dear, take our hands and understand that you must be patient with yourself your fellow man and woman. Nobody demands perfection. Remember this!

I, Sananda, och my Brothers and Sisters now wish to puncture the tempting and deceptively soft myth that says this should be a walk on the softest of clouds, where you with love simply whisper your intention out in the Universe, reach out a hand to then practically be lifted up. It appears that this is an image that still flourishes among some of you, and we dearly want to end this myth by saying that this is not in Truth. It is highly challenging, demanding and actually difficult to walk this path that leads to the New Age. But, breath, take it easy, raise your view, sharpen your beautiful and capable ears take in this our loving Truth we now wish to give you: You are surrounded by loving energies and hands, your Ascended Masters, Heavens Spiritual Hierarchy and the Source to all that IS, are more than ever at your side during this grand and remarkable time. We tell you that we are at your side to guide, comfort, push, communicate and shower you with so much Love. But to receive this Love fully in the Truth and in the strongest of Light you must open your Hearts and see that all sustainable and solid change starts from within. This is our mantra. Dear Ones, nothing strong can ever be built from the outside, it has to start within and the source for what concerns the Ascension is thus You. Your within is what first must be remodeled and opened for the Light to squeeze in and guide you, to then continue this remodeling on the outside, in other words on your and our beautiful Mother Earth. Your external is a mirror image of your internal. Remember that this well used cliché IS well worth reflecting on. In Truth.

So, in this solid and demanding work that we all now find ourselves in, for we are with you in this and we have busy days for our hands and hearts, it is of importance that you are there for your Brothers and Sisters and your fellow man and woman and that you send Light and forgiveness to those that have not acted in Truth. Remember that they also must get the chance to choose the Light if they find themselves ready and capable for it, if not, forgive them also for this. Choose now more than ever to walk in Love, Light and Truth. That does not mean that you allow yourself to be trampled on, integrity is everthing. However, forget about being hard and cold. Raise your view and find the melody in your Heart. Raise yourself from the old beliefs and thoughts and dear to see further. Be that pioneer that you were born to be!

The pulse of the Light energies that now flow in over you and Mother Earth is now raised, and more than ever it is important that you stand grounded in the warm rich soil of Mother Earth when it is blowing around you and in you. Reach out a hand – we are there to lead you and support you in your individual and collective processes. You are now being readied for the coming time that is approaching and I, Sananda, want to tell you: Do not be afraid of the changes you see around you and in you. Remember, it is divine and of the Light. Go in peace and understanding with a high ambition to turn a page. If only you knew how far only this will carry you. Be brave, my dear ones and meet the challenges that are yours to meet with strength and trust. All will be well, but the journey might feel bumpy, long and very uncomfortable at times. So do not be in anger at me when I say it is as it should be!

J am now sending you all my Love and my Light. It is yours to walk in and you are now at the end and the beginning of an Age, all at the same time. Hold on to your hats! This will be fantastic!!

Your devoted


Channel: Angelica

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Per Staffan

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